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Rare Candy No. 7 – The Serendipity Show (March 7, 2011)

March 7, 2011

Look at us! We did our seventh show on the seventh! Serendipity, I say!

Song Title – Artist, Album (Song’s Year of Release)

8 P.M.

1) Gone Beyond – Akron/Family, Meek Warrior (2006)

2) Ginseng Sullivan – Norman Blake, Home in Sulphur Springs (1972)

3) Happily Married Man – Duane Allman, Peaches: Pick of the Crop [Capricorn Records Sampler] (1969)

4) DJ – David Bowie, Lodger (1979)

5) Life During Wartime [Live] – Talking Heads, The Name of This Band is Talking Heads (1982)

6) Rose – Menomena, I Am The Fun Blame Monster! (2003)

7) Hotel For Women [Radio Edit] – The Nails, Hotel For Women [EP] (1982)

8) Do It Again – Easy Going, Easy Going (1978)

9) Couldn’t I Just Tell You? – Todd Rundgren, Something/Anything? (1972)

10) Brick Is Red – Pixies, Surfer Rosa (1988)

11) Dracula’s Wedding – Outkast, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (2003)

12) Cronus (Saturn) – Chase, Ennea (1972)

9 P.M.

Six Degrees of Separation

1º: Space Shanty (including The Cobalt Sequence and March Of The Sine Squadrons) – Khan, Space Shanty (1972)

  • Khan’s Space Shanty and Atomic Rooster’s Made in England were both issued on progressive German record label Brain in 1972.

2º: Space Cowboy – Atomic Rooster, Made in England (1972)

  • After The Crazy World of Arthur Brown broke up, their keyboardist Vincent Crane and drummer Carl Palmer formed Atomic Rooster in 1969. Palmer would leave the following year to join supergroup ELP, while Crane stayed with Atomic Rooster until they broke up in 1984.

3º: Prelude/Nightmare & Fanfare/Fire Poem – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (1968)

  • Pete Townshend was Associate Producer of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.  The Orange Gretsch guitar that he is known for was a gift from fellow guitarist and future Eagle, Joe Walsh.

4º: Take the Devil – Eagles, Eagles (1972)

  • The famous line “They stab it with their steely knives…” is a reference to Steely Dan in return for the line “Turn up the Eagles; the neighbors are listening” in “Everything You Did”, a song featured on The Royal Scam.

5º: Haitian Divorce – Steely Dan, The Royal Scam (1976)

  • The opening track of The Royal Scam was “Kid Charlemagne”, a track loosely inspired by the life of Owsley Stanley. Stanley was the Grateful Dead’s soundman, and a pioneer in LSD production, which he supplied to many bands in the San Fransisco and Los Angeles areas.

6º: L.A. Getaway – Hill Barbata Ethridge, Hill Barbata Ethridge (1971)

This song is available on the excellent L.A. Burnout 2 mixtape, available here:

Free Play Continues

13) Underdog – Sly & The Family Stone, A Whole New Thing (1967)

14) Mighty, Mighty [Curtis Mayfield Cover] – Baby Huey & The Babysitters, The Baby Huey Story: The Living Legend (1971)

15) Venus – Television, Marquee Moon (1977)

16) Tame the Lion – Emitt Rhodes, Tame the Lion [Single] (1972)

17) Twisted – Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark (1974)

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