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Bonus Show: Sept. 20, 2010 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Hour (Guesthosting “Same As It Ever Was”)

September 21, 2010


Song Title- Album Title (Year of Release)

1)   I’m NN7- Ariel Pink with Added Pizzazz (2010)

2)   Are You Gonna Look After My Boys?- Scared Famous/FF>> (2002)

3)   Jesus Christ Came To Me In A Dream- Scared Famous/FF>> (2002)

4)   Bloody! (Bagonia’s)- Worn Copy (2003)

5)   Let’s Get Married Tonite- Lover Boy (2003)

6)   Jules Lost His Jewels- Worn Copy (2003)

7)   Alisa- House Arrest (2006)

8)   Let’s Build A Campfire There- The Doldrums (2004)

9)   Can’t Hear My Eyes- Can’t Hear My Eyes [Single] (2008)

10) Every Night I Die At Miyagi’s- House Arrest (2006)

11) L’Estat- Oddities Sodomies, Vol. 1 (2008)

12) Flashback- Flashback 7” (2009)

13) Butt-House Blondies- Before Today (2010)

14) Mistaken Wedding- Round and Round [Single] (2010)

15) Round and Round- Before Today (2010)

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