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May 4, 2010- 13th Show

May 5, 2010

Six Degrees of Seperation

1) “Comin’ Home [Acoustic]”- Cheeseburger

2) “Rubber Bullets”- 10cc

3) “Waterloo”- ABBA

4) “1970”- The Stooges

5) “DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE”- Electric Six

6) “The Millionaire’s Waltz”- Queen

Free Play

7) “What She Came For”- Franz Ferdinand

8) “Blackest Eye”- Porcupine Tree

9) “The TIme Warp”- The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast

10) “Hymn 43”- Jethro Tull

11) “Kings”- Steely Dan

12) “Misty Mountain Hop”- Led Zeppelin

13) “The Christian Life”- The Byrds

14) “The Music Never Stopped”- Grateful Dead

Classic Cuts: The Fugees’ The Score

15) “Ready or Not”

16) “Zealots”

17) “The Beast”

18) “Killing Me Softly”

19) “The Mask”

20) “No Woman, No Cry”

Free Play

21) “The Uncomfortable Truth”- Nneka

22) “Au Private”- Keith Emerson

23) “Ghost Pressure”- Wolf Parade

24) “99 Luftballoons”- Nena

25) “Romeo and Juliet”- Michael and the Messengers

26) “Rocky Raccoon”- Beatles

27) “Alma Mater”- Alice Cooper

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